About Us

Tru2buy is an Online Marketplace for selling Certified Refurbished Mobiles, Tabs, and Smartwatch. All Mobiles sold on Tru2buy undergo Detail Quality Check process through Advanced Professionals, and we provide 6 months’ warranty.

Why do we sell?


True2buy caters the value of the buyers who wants to buy Refurbished Mobiles, Tablets, and Smartwatches at lower prices with Warranty. Tru2buy offers integrated logistics support for Pan-India Market (Shiprocket our official logistics partner)

Explain Refurbished?


Refurbished are those devices which have undergone minor repair and cosmetic makeover which are ready to be sold in the market at a lower price.

Refurbished mobiles are the best value for money electronics you will ever find anywhere in the market. May it be a refurbished iPhone or any refurbished Samsung phones, every device is cheaper and of the same quality as that of its original version. Refurbished phones are the best solution. This is because; by choosing refurbished mobile phones over a brand new cell phone you are actually not contributing towards the electronic waste accumulation in the world, which is a great thing to do. 



Tru2buy aims to be India’s largest online market place for refurbished mobiles, Tabs, Smartwatches, and accessories.



To bring a smile to people, and make their lives better by spending on cost-saving products.




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